Thursday, June 30, 2016

Pack your Bags!

Now if tea times were highlights for me on our travels,
the National Railway Museum in York was a highlight for my
"live-in gardener".  He was like a little boy in a candy store.
In the roundhouse there were examples of everything
from Thomas the train to a bullet train to the Flying Scotsman.

In another wing of the museum we found trains that past
royals had traveled, even Queen Victoria's lavish royal car.

Miniature reproductions also were on display.

I loved the carts with old suitcases too.
Can you imagine sitting here waiting for the sound of the steam
engine coming down the track?
The opulence of traveling with a royal was the opportunity to have tea.

Any train lover would enjoy this museum,
even I, who didn't think she was a train lover, loved being
surrounded by these giants of transportation.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tea at Betty's in York

All I can say is that this was a dream come true to have tea at Betty's.
Sitting in the Belmont Room, listening to piano music, and being served
so graciously.  It brought tears to my eyes and delight to my soul.
Our first taste was a prawn cocktail, just delicious with a creamy 
avocado bottom.
Then tea was brought to our table.
I had the Betty's tea blend of Assam and Darjeeling.
My "live-in gardener" had a herbal tea that was so pretty in a glass teapot.
 Yes, there I am at tea again and in my polka dots.
I must say this denim tunic top traveled well and worked for tea time on several occasions.
 I do travel light, so always looking for just the right travel wear and this was it.
The savories were smoked salmon with cream cheese and dill roulade
and pork and apple pie.
Sandwiches were roast Yorkshire ham and tomato pate on tomato bread,
coronation chicken on pumpkin bread, and egg mayonnaise on sour dough bread.

Scones were lemon and rose petal served with cream and strawberry jam.
The sweets were chocolate and passion fruit cube, raspberry tart,
pistachio and chocolate dacquoise slice, gooseberry macaron,
rhubarb cloud, and in the middle lemon religieuse.
 This one little macaron just tickled my heart
with that sweet flower perched at the top.
I had a difficult time bringing myself to nibble,
but alas I devoured it flower and all.
Everything was so delicious.
I want a repeat right now.
At the end of tea time as we were ready to leave a lovely
bag was set before us with their signature tea in a small tin.
What a special treat to carry home.
Outdoors in front of Betty's was quite active with tourist, 
but in the tearooms it was a peaceful respite.
An afternoon tea that delighted my soul.

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Monday, June 27, 2016

Notes from the Garden

Creeping Dogwood, edible fruit.
Mint is the low growing plant, but not sure what the tall plant is.
Do you know?

Mespilus (Medlar)
Closely related to the apple, this unusual fruit is only edible  when
allowed to rot slightly, a process know as "bletting".  It was very
popular in Elizabethan times.

Japanese Raisin Tree, edible fruit.
Wild Strawberry, edible fruit.
Out of the garden in through Roman ruins and burial plots.

Mahonia, which is also Oregon's state flower, was growing in the garden.
Springtime was blooming in the garden.  The yellow blooms were
Welsh poppies, which I am trying to get started in my garden at home.
It was the perfect spring day for a walk in the garden with friends.

Friday, June 24, 2016

We Loved York

For a few days we traveled north of London to York
and the Bronte BandB near the old city.
We loved staying here.
It was so comfy and by far the best bathroom on our travels.
I was really looking forward to meeting a blogging friend, Linda P.
of A Rich Tapestry.  You can visit her here.
What a lovely time we had over lunch and wandering in York.
This was a first for Linda to meet an online friend.
I hope I didn't scare her too much (Ha!)
Online friends can be just the very best and Linda is on that list for sure.
My "live-in gardener" and I just fell in love with York.
We were greeted by this gladiator as we entered the walled city.
 I just love the many ice cream vendors we encountered all
along our travels in Europe.  This is just a sampling of what many looked like.
 No trip to York would be complete without walking along the top of the wall.
 Peeks of York Minister was seen from all angles,
but I loved the peeks into backyards and manicured gardens too.

 A stroll down The Shambles was definitely on our list and we
found ourselves there everyday.
This was where the meat vendors at one time had their shops.
The buildings were constructed to lean toward the street to keep
the sun off the meat hanging there.
 We will return here next week with more posts.
 The inside of the York Minister was breathe taking.

 They were busy preparing for an upcoming stage production,
so my photos were taken looking up.

 No visit to York would be complete without the York Castle Museum visit.
 Outside the museum there was part of an old castle on the hill and a carousel.
The carousel wasn't running right then or I would have hopped on.

Fascinating street entertainment.
The gate we often walked through to enter and leave the old city.

We got to experience train trips quite often along the way.
Here we are waiting to return to London.
It was a wonderful time in York and there will be more to come
next week of this lovely city.
Today is National Scone Day in England
and I celebrated with a scone and tea this morning.
Happy Scone Day
and blessings on your weekend.