Wednesday, March 21, 2018

View by the Sea

An adventure to the sea.
Staying at the Sylvia Beach Hotel.
A historic hotel where there are  no televisions,
no phones, no wifi, and a friendly cat.
The Hemingway room was to be where I slept.
But I snoozed and read in that leather chair too.
Do you see the resident cat?
A place to sit and listen to the sea.
My favorite lighthouse above the waves sending signals out to sea.
How I love the sea and each and every sight to see.
Newport, Oregon is a lovely place.
Another lighthouse to the south, the other was to the north.
There is something so beautiful in a lighthouse; so solitary.
Fishing boats in the bay.

How I love the sea.
The rest, the sounds, and the solitude.
This was one way to celebrate a birthday.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

First Day of Spring

 Portland's Farmer's Market is in full swing;
so with a recent visit along with my little guy we enjoyed 
the event of springtime.
 "Joy spreads the heart, and with a general song,
Spring issues out, and leads the jolly months along."
~John Dryden, The Flower and the Leaf
 We found flowers and a lot of leafy greens.

 The market was like a flower garden of delight.
Daffodils are fully blooming in my garden too.
Oh how I love the first day of spring!
It brings such hope for renewal and new life.
May we walk in delight with a heart full of kindness.
I can't think of a better word for this day than DELIGHT.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Monday's Tea Quote

Angels came down
From heaven yesterday,
Stayed with me just long enough
for afternoon tea.
And she told me a story yesterday;
About the sweet love
Between the moon and the deep blue sea.
~Jimi Hendrix
PS: some of the lyrics from Angel

Tea by the "deep blue sea" just a few days ago.
The teapot travels with me on road trips
and traveled to the sea just last week.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Wearing of the Green Time

In celebrating Springtime and St. Patrick's day
I went to the garden for tea.
The green is beginning to pop all around me
and I am loving the colors it brings.

For tea time there was my favorite Yunnan Gold tea
served with a current scone with a touch of nutmeg,
and shamrock cucumber sandwiches.
The cozy is a Marmalady's cozy made from vintage fabric
found at the antique mall.
Happy Spring Time and St. Patrick's Day,
all in the coming days.

I am stepping away for a few days,
but look for me here again on Monday.
Happy Weekend, dear friends!

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

It's My Time to Celebrate!

Flowers bursting in the garden.
It's my time to celebrate.
Daffodils particularly are my favorite to include in the celebration.
A teacup with a flower floating makes me smile too.

Spring is blooming inside the gardenhouse and out in the garden.
I love that it blooms this month just for me.
Why yes, they know it is time for me to celebrate.
When it is a birthday month, a special month
it will be. Full of daffodils, flowers, and strawberries too.
Celebrating springtime, birthdays, and the green!
Celebrating all month long,
for I turn (shall I say) 75 this week.
It started with tea time with a friend
and will end with tea time with my sister.
In between will be an adventure to the sea,
family time, and of course a girl party just for me.

Do you celebrate your birthday month most thoroughly?
I hope you do that, for each of us is extra special
and we deserve to celebrate us.

Darjeeling, the book!

For those of you that drink tea with me,
you know that one of my favorite teas is Darjeeling teas.
Each Spring I go online and order my supply for the year.
When May comes around I will be ordering some
extra special teas. It is my tea luxury.
I know that last year they had unrest politically there
and some of the tea didn't get plucked and processed;
so the tea this year will be more precious than ever.

Not long ago I came across a book with the title of Darjeeling
by Jeff Koehler. I don't know the author, but intrigued
by the topic I picked it up and read it.
My go-to reading is fiction, particularly historic fiction;
so the writer had to be good to capture my attention
for a non-fiction book.
I just finished the book this past weekend and I must
say, I learned alot and it did capture my attention.
The history of that region of India intrigued me
and the descriptions and stories of caring for the people
that work on the estates and caring for the plants and soil
was very educational.
And it didn't disappoint that there were a few familiar
names in the book, so it was fun to picture them in their

If you love a good cup of tea and history, I can recommend this book.
Then a good cup of Darjeeling tea to sip along with the read
would be perfect.
On that note I don't just drink Darjeeling tea,
but I drink Darjeeling tea from a single estate and with a special name.

Darjeeling stories now fill my head and I am dreaming of traveling there.
It may be just in my dreams, but if the right opportunity
came along I would jump on a plane tomorrow.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Monday's Tea Quote

Drink your tea slowly and reverently,
as if it is the axis on which the world Earth revolves--slowly,
evenly, without rushing toward the future.
~Thich Nat Hahn

A Tibetan tea bowl in my collection of teaware.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Women in Tea

The more I read and hear of women’s suppression the more I think of all the beautiful women that do their part to bring us a good cup of tea. Many warm thoughts have been sent there way in this “me too” era of transparency. Wondering why it is that the women are sent to the field to pick the tea or to make the tea for a tasting, but not held in regard to take on the role of the farmer or processing the tea. When I traveled to Taiwan in 2011 our small group visited several tea farms where it was the farmer that received the recognition, but the wife was making the food, serving the tea, and making sure everything went as it needed to be. Farmer Chen’s wife, we were told, stays up at night when the tea is being processed just to make sure her husband doesn’t fall asleep. The grandmother, at a farm in the Alishan Mountains, would cook the meals and carry the grandbaby on her back as she made tea for us while the son-in-law and husband were off doing the men’s work. Yet when I stepped out into the tea field and watched the women picking the tea, it was serene and the sound of the voices was like music to my ears.

Women arriving for a day of plucking the tea in Taiwan.

I have been told the women pluck and pick because of the dexterity of their fingers; but I think those same beautiful women could certainly plant and process the tea and run their own businesses. Recently a farmer, Rajen Baruah, in Assam, India shared a picture on Facebook of a small group of women he is beginning to train to be their own independent farmers.  I am thrilled to see this happening even if it is only one small step. Dreaming of a world where women all around the world can work equally with the men of tea.  Together we will all thrive.
Farmer Chen and his wife showing how to cut the tea in the field.

Grandma serving the tea in Alishan, Taiwan

In many places around the world I have found beautiful women making our tea world a better place.  They have been educating us, supporting small farmers, serving us tea, and plucking the tea that we drink. Jane Pettigrew’s Design for Tea is educating us. Elyse Peterson at supports small farmers throughout the world promoting their tea.  Jeni Dodd is promoting tea from Nepal.  Babette Donaldson has written the Emma Lea books for children and recently shared videos on Sip for Peace of stories of tea around the world. Shuiwen at Floating Leaves came from Taiwan to start a tea shop in Seattle and buys from small farmers in Taiwan. Lindsey Goodwin of The Tea Mavens is supporting and educating. There are many women who put their creative tea dreams into reality by opening tearooms and teashops, women that share their tea knowledge on a blog such as this one, or women that work as support staff in tea businesses around the world. Women in tea is growing and shining.
Diana serving the tea at Babington Tearoom in Rome, Italy.

To the women who share tea with us, 
that pluck the tea and serve the tea,
 I thank you!

I hope your International Women's Day yesterday was a very special day.
Have a great weekend, dear friends!
Keep on sipping tea!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Scotty Tea

This year my goal is to thoroughly go through everything in 
my house and clean and simplify.
This past week I found a box of my children's school papers.
I love what my daughter wrote and had to share.
She received an A with a smiley face and Delightful! comment.
Now isn't that fun.
It is amazing what you find in your own house when
you deeply clean.
I even found a $100 bill and some bonds that had
been given to my son on his birth.
Whew! I will be glad when this job is done and 
I can run outside and play again.

Scotty Tea
Sing to the tune of Pop Goes the Weasle
by Jill Miller Nov.6,1985 (12 years old)

This is the best tasting tea,
that you will ever taste or see.
Scotty is the one,
that makes tea-time lots of fun!

Try us today,
were just a store away.
So if you want something out of the ordinary,
and are tired of that bland ole tea.
Spice up your life with Scotty!

Another product from Scott's family import company.

The teapot in the picture was made by my daughter
when she was fourteen years old.
The picture taken in her dollhouse.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Farm Time

Whenever I venture to the farm I want to sing "Old MacDonald had a Farm", but really it is Diane's Farm.
Definitely there is an assortment of animals to see
from chickens, 2 fat turkey's, a llama, sheep, and 4 baby goats with
their mama's too.
Then two 5 year olds that love running, animals, and mud.
Diane, my niece, is their caretaker.
Not sure their will be turkey on any dinner plates.
These two beauties are pets.
The turkey's have blue faces, quite colorful I must say.
The babies are what I had come to see.
What sweeties they are.
They all had been born in February.
This llama also thinks she is the caretaker on the menagerie farm.
We played, we ran, we held baby goats.
What fun to visit Diane's Farm and sing,
Diane's Farm has quite a cast from chickens to cats. 
It must be springtime with all the new life.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Monday's Tea Quote

"Come oh come ye tea-thirsty restless one,
the kettle boils,
bubbles and sings,
~Rabindranath Tagore, a Bengal poet

I love hearing the music of the water pouring into the cup.
It is like a bubbly brook on a warm summer day.
The kind of brook you just want to touch with your toes
or let your fingers be tickled by the flowing waters.
 The sun shines in streaks of light through the trees.
Moss is spongy on the shore.
Now lay on your tummy with your head close to the water
and listen to the music.
Close your eyes and rest dear friends,
then come and sip tea with me.
It's magic!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Dance in the Moonlight

 This morning I woke very early.
Shining through my window was the Worm Moon,
a full moon for sure!
My camera was grabbed and I stepped outdoors.
The clouds had another idea and decided to hide this glorious moon.
I waited and just when I had given up hope,
there that moon was winking at me.
It was saying to come and dance in the light of the moon.
So on went my wolf skirt and I began to dance.
The light of the moon shone just for me,
after all who else would be crazy enough to
wear a wolf skirt in the early morning light and dance.
The rain was on the grass in the early morning hour,
but I wasn't to let that deter me.
With no one around I danced under that moon.
I swayed back and forth and let out a soft sound of laughter.
It was exuberance that let my spirit fly
for in the midst on the last moments of night
I was surrounded by moonlight and daffodils.
And I smiled!
 Happy weekend, dear friends!
May you find moonlight and daffodils
to dance in the early morning hour.
May laughter be in your heart.