Monday, February 15, 2010

Enamored with Glass - part #11

Candlewick was made by Imperial Glass from 1936 to 1984.

The Imperial Glass Company was founded in 1901 by Edward Muhleman, with production beginning in 1904. The handmade glasswares were sold world-wide and were usually made of pressed glass patterns. The factory located at 29th Street was labeled as one of the largest glass factories under one roof. The company's most famous product is their "Candlewick" series, which even has a street named for it in Bellaire, Ohio.

Candlewick made wonderful wedding gifts. The relish dish was a wedding gift given to my mother and father on their wedding day. The bowls were gifts my husband and I received on our wedding day. I treasure these beaded glass dishes and have added others to the collection. Now I am beginning to see similar beaded glass dishes for sale at my local market and have been tempted to buy them, but just how many glass dishes does a girl need?