Monday, February 1, 2010

Enamored with Glass - part #9

"Depression glass" is a collector's term used for inexpensive tableware items made from machine-pressed glass during the 1920's and 1940's. It was produced in a variety of colors, shapes and patterns by over 20 companies. Most manufacturers were located in the central and eastern United States.

The name, "depression glass" comes from the economic downturn of the 1930's - The Great Depression. During the Depression, the glass was sold at very low prices. A complete table setting could be purchased for two or three dollars. It was sold in retail stores and also by mail order, such as the Sears catalog.

Pieces of depression glass were frequently placed in boxes of cereal, flour, oatmeal, detergent and other retail products as an incentive for purchase. It was also given away by businesses such as gas stations and movie theaters to gain publicity and to attract customers to their establishments.

This type of distribution produced immediate "collectors" - people received one piece and then wanted to build a collection. They had fun opening an oatmeal box to find the prize inside!

I started collecting green Depression Glass to use in serving tea. I haven't collected a particular pattern, but just love the green color. For serving tea I love the dessert plates and berry bowls; so they are the main items I look for. It looks so pretty mixed with china and is so versatile in decorating a table scape. Depression Glass is a very fun glass to search out and collect, but beware you might be overflowing with them very quickly as they are fairly easy to find.


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