Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Things

Mark at Mark's rants and raves tagged me this week to share ten things that make me happy. Since Delights of the Heart is about things that make my heart sing, each day are things that make me happy. But here goes my list of some of the top 10:
1. Sharing time with special people in my life. That's my family at my mother-in-laws 90th birthday celebration.
2. A warm cup of tea in my hands, even outdoors at Christmas time.
3. Food, especially cookies and chocolate. Now aren't they a food group?
5. Sunshine and moonbeams.
6. Words in books, spoken, and blogs.
7. My camera and taking pictures. I did miss it when it was in the hospital last month. 8. Joey, now I have introduced you to the funniest cat I have ever had. He loves sitting on my lap while I read your blogs. He pounces on me if I am not out of bed by 7AM. He loves afternoon naps.
9. My black Nike shoes. Oh, you didn't know this one did you? And they are wearing out, oh no!
10. Water to drink, walk by at the sea, and watch a flowing river or lake. I just love all water.

So there you have it.
There could be much more, but only 10 were requested.
If you want to play along, please do.
I would love reading your top 10 happy things.