Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In the Moment

This week I have been thinking about being in the moment.
I am most often thinking now what next,
or I must get done everything on my list.
Getting dressed and brushing my teeth takes 
too much time; so I am working in my robe.
I wait until the very last minute to rush to the bathroom.
When I am in a meeting or taking a class I am
checking the clock to see when it will be over; so I
can go onto the next thing.
Now I am not sure anyone out there is like this, but
my guess is I am not the only one.
I need to pay attention, notice what I notice, and learn
to be in the moment.  When I do take a breath and
pay attention to the very moment I am in, I feel more JOY.
I also function better and have more fun.
Take time this week to notice and enjoy each moment.

The tulips were a great example to me.
My husband brought them to me yesterday and
I had to pause and just enjoy them at that very moment.