Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Love and Joy

This is the week leading up to Valentine's Day.
Do you do something special?
Send cards to those you love?
Eat more chocolate?
Buy or receive red roses?
What expectations do you have?

May it be full of Love and Joy.

We can always buy our own chocolates
and roses, but Love and Joy take
more than ourselves. It doesn't need to
be the love of romance, but a love among
friends and family can touch the heart and
fill it with great joy.

Take JOY!


Angela McRae said...

So true! Since I didn't get married until late in life (42), Valentine's Day was always hard for me until I discovered the JOY of doing something for others (friends and family, as you mentioned) on that day. It worked wonders for my heart and soul!

PeggyR said...

Your words are very true. I make and send Valentine cards. We also treat an elderly lady to lunch. I love your display...Peggy

Adrienne said...

Happy Valentine's week, my friend. I used to send more cards than I do now. I try to send to my grandchildren, my dear little mother and a couple of close friends. I give my sweetheart a special card when he least expects it - it may be on the seat of his pickup when he heads to work or on the sink in the bathroom when he gets up early in the morning. He knows he will get it but he never knows where or when! I love chocolate but I'm trying not to eat much chocolate right now. We always try to have a special dinner - either in or out. Probably in this year since it's on Sunday. My mom is usually with us on Sunday afternoons so we will include her, I'm sure. Wishing you much love and you! ~Adrienne~

Cozy Little House said...

I'm rather boring. Don't do much on holidays like I use to. I'm a compulsive stay-to-my-daily-ritual person, I suppose!

Tracy said...

LOVE is in the air--it's fairly crackling! I've always loved Valentine's Day from when I was young and my parents gave my sister and I heart-shaped boxes of Russell Stover candies to now in my adult years sharing the romantic qualities of the day with my husband. We celebrated with dinner out oftentimes. And every since we met, each Valentine I surprise him with a special baked treat--he has such a sweet tooth! But what I really love most about Valentine's Day is that it really is a lovely way to show those you love and care about--family & friends--how much you do care...a word, a gesture, a flower, homemade cookies. Showing and saying the love is important for us all. :o) Happy Days, Marilyn ((HUGS))

Susan said...

I love sending Valentines !
Such a sweet and special holiday !

Jeanne said...

Happy Valentines Day my sweet friend
I love you ♥

Bernideen said...

Very good advice and well spoken!

Gayle @ Mountain Moma said...

Yesterday my little granddaughter told me it was almost Valentines Day with such hopeful excitement. Today I bought her a Dora valentine. I think it is rather ugly, but as a Dora fan, she will adore it.