Thursday, October 28, 2010

Apple Festival Time

October is Apple Festival time around Oregon
 I love apples, so off I went to explore.
Aren't they beautiful?
The varieties were numerous.
The addition of autumn settings made it delightful.
I love autumn for the celebration of color and harvest.

What delights you about this season of harvest?
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parTea lady said...

Your collage is lovely. Those apples do look good - such bright color and they look crisp. It is fun to visit growers to see and taste varieties not available in the grocery store, isn't it?

Baracka said...

such richness in colors i love it... great eye. blessings to you and yours.

Laurie Chaney said...

Delights of the harvest. The crunch of leaves and branches underfoot. Apples of every shade and color..

beth said...

honey crisp you get those out there ?
they come from michigan !!
and honestly, are the only really really good apples !!!

Adrienne said...

I love the colors of the season, and apples and winter squash and warm sweaters and snuggly afghans and quiet evening by the fire!

koralee said...

So pretty...I love this time of the year...LOVE IT! Enjoy your weekend. xoxox

Jeanne said...

Beautiful my lovely friend
Love you

I love the colours, the fall decor and the cooler temps.

Love you♥

Rosemary said...

You have truly captured the essences of fall! That delights me and simultaneously brings me joy! Nancy

Tracy said...

So lovely--this post really says AUTUMN, Marilyn! I love the change of colors, apple time for apple treats, I like how the body gently, naturally seems to turn inward--into the home more, into one's spirit more. The celebration of Thanksgiving is dear to my hear at this time of year, my favorite holiday. And I look forward to soon traveling to the US to share it with my family--many years since I had a REAL American Thanksgiving... I can almost taste the pumpkin pie already...mmm... Happy Weekend :o) ((HUGS))

La Tea Dah said...

Apple harvest and grape harvest has been fun to observe, but I have to say that the wheat harvest has always been my favorite. The huge combines that track the sides of steep hills so amazingly are something I never tire of observing!


Jeanie said...

I fear too many things delight me about autumn -- will I have enough room? The apples, squash and pumpkins -- all the harvest veggies; the wonderful and brilliant leaves; walks on crisp days; seeing change each and every day; the pleasure of buttoning things up; more time inside for creative pursuits... shall I quit now?!