Friday, October 22, 2010

Sweetened Tea?

Quote by George Orwell:

"I know very well that I am in a minority here.
But still, how can you call yourself a true tea lover if you
destroy the flavor of your tea by putting sugar in it?
I would be equally reasonable to put in pepper or salt.
Tea is meant to be bitter, just as beer is meant to be bitter.
If you sweeten it, you are no longer tasting the tea,
you are merely tasting the sugar; you could make a very similar
drink by dissolving sugar in plain hot water."

What do you think?  Agree or Disagree?
Just curious!

Sweet Give-Away
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Brenda - Somepinkflowers
Jeanie -The Marmalade Gypsy
Martha E.
Jeanne - Jeanne's Bliss Blog
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Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you. I drink both my coffee and tea black...or in the case of, green, red or white and absolutely with no's the only way to go.

Ginger said...

I completely agree with that statement. Though my sister would beg to differ.

Susan said...

I totally agree. Coffee is dark and black and tea is without any addition. I have, on occasion, added a squeeze of lemon to a cup of hot tea though.

Snap said...

Agree! George Orwell was a smart man!

tea time and roses said...

Hello Marilyn,

It has been quite busy in my little studio as of late, but I had to take a moment to wish you a lovely weekend.:o)

A big congratulations to the winners of your giveaway, I sure hate I miss that one. As for tea, I am afraid I add just a pinch of sugar to mine. Now my dear daughter loves her tea just the way it is and absolutely do not understand how anyone would want to add anything to it.:o)

By the way, I love your previous post...the tutu is beautiful! Enjoy a most lovely weekend dear Marilyn.



Tea Duchess said...

I have a sweet tooth so sugar in tea is a must for me. Also, when I drink flavored teas, sugar almost always makes them taste better and helps the flavors to, 'bloom'.

Linens and Royals said...

I agree with George Orwell, no milk or sugar in my tea. But then I admit to eating a sweet biscuit with my tea and so get my sugar hit that way.

La Tea Dah said...

I very much agree and love the pure and simple flavors of fine tea. Occasionally, though, when in the mood --- I sweeten my tea but only use 'cream' when visiting a tea room.

Sheila said...

I've been drinking tea since I was a small child. Quite the norm in the UK where I grew up. But never ever do I take sugar, just a splash of 2% milk.
Congratulations to your winners..!
Have a great weekend.

parTea lady said...

That is a lovely photo of your tea tray.

I drink my black tea with milk, but only occasionally do I add honey or another sweetener. If it happens to be Indian spiced tea, though, I always add sugar.

I don't agree with the statement that tea is meant to be bitter.

Annie said...

Joy to the winners. Yay, Jeanie, you won too. Cool.

Angela McRae said...

Even though I usually drink my tea unsweetened, I disagree! Some teas are simply made more enjoyable with a little sweetener, I think. LOVE this photo!

Adrienne said...

I agree! I think sugar or honey completely changes the flavor.

Catherine said...

I love tea with milk - gave up sugar for Lent when I was 18 and never looked back and I still take milk and sugar in coffee but drink very little of the latter. Agree with Orwell on this one. Then I agree with him on a lot of issues, 1984, Animal Farm, Spanish Civil War, - love that guy and his writing! (what was his name again? I think it was Eric Blair. Doesn't have the ring of Orwell to it, does it?)
Lovely tea tray!

Marlena said...

No no no no sugar in tea for me

somepinkflowers said...

♥ yippee ♥

i won!


i am
a strong woman charm

{{ i am so appreciative ! }}


and every which-a-way

as long as it is

♥ HOT ♥

koralee said...

I was just thinking tonight I do not need a cup of tea...but you convinced me to put on the kettle.

Hugs and love. xoxox

Relyn said...

Such a lovely tea tray. Gorgeous!

Mountain Thyme said...

I agree with you about tea with no sugar. Although I do like the way people in some countries drink their tea with a sugar cube between their back teeth. That way, they can get a sip of tea with sugar if they want but don't have to have it with the whole cup. These countries usually serve very strong black tea.

Beautiful picture. Made me want a cuppa, so that is just what I did!

Jeanne said...

Thank you so very much my darling friend.
I love you
I love your quotes your photographs your blog and you

Love Jeanne♥

Relyn said...

I forgot to say - agree. Though I am not a true tea lover, as you know.

susanna said...

I agree with George! No sugar in tea or coffee. Maybe a bit of honey or a slice of lemon or milk or cream but NO SUGAR ALLOWED! Btw, that is one beautiful tea tray.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I disagree! I can't imagine drinking bitter tea! As much as I love tea (hot and iced) I must have sugar (stevia now) in it!! When my friends say they don't like tea, I tell them it's because they don't sweeten it!


Jeanie said...

What a stunning photo. And no, no sugar or honey in the tea (though I admit to liking the stronger teas on the weak side and weaker on the strong side!)

The charm arrived on a perfect day to get a boost -- and I love it; in fact, it's in my pocket right now!