Monday, October 18, 2010

Strong Women Finale

Wow!  I started the Strong Woman Series on April 19th and have featured some amazing women.
There are still so many strong women that could be featured.
I am going to let you go on your own exploration.

I just reviewed all the strong women I wrote about and found quite a list
of attributes that are exemplified in a strong woman.

1.  They know their own mind
2. They followed their dreams
3.  They were willing to be themselves
4.  They live on their own terms
5.  They are willing to overcome prejudice and obstacles
6.  They persevered
7.  They continued learning
8.  They were willing to challenge themselves
9.  They lived through grace in difficult times
10.  They had or have Passion

Some I have written in past terms and some in the present,
but each of these attributes is worth accepting as our own terms.

What struck me in doing this Strong Women series is the passion each of these women had.  Not only the passion, it was a serenity or sense of peace each of them portrayed.  I am continuing to learn the "following your Bliss", as the old Victoria Magazine use to talk about, is a full acceptance of who I am.  There is a peacefulness in listening to my inner voice and following it passionately.  I know when I am not following that inner voice there is an internal struggle.  I have grown to accept the struggle because at the other end, when I accept what it is telling me, I will feel the "bliss" and have grown.

I have made 5 Strong Woman soldered charms, which I would love to send to 5 of you.
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I will draw 5 names and announce the winners on Friday.