Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gift Exchange and New Friend

A few weeks ago Relyn of Come Sit by my Fire
hosted a gift exchange.
I really wasn't sure I wanted to do it, but Relyn
emailed me and encouraged me to play along.
We had to answer a few questions about ourselves and
then Relyn played her magic matching game.
She matched me with Jeanie at The Marmalade Gypsy.
As Jeanie and I emailed back a forth we found so many things in common.
We realized Relyn was very good at this matching game.
Well finally the time came to exchange our gifts and mine arrived recently in the mail.
As you can see there was a lovely array of special surprises including
a little gift for Joey, some little nibbles in the soft gray bag.
A slightly used book, which is next on my table by my bed to read.
Some touches of Autumn, lovely notecards made by Jeanie, Michigan maple syrup,
Jordan almonds (because I am planning a trip to Jordan), and just the best of
all - a new friend.

What I have learned from this exchange is to be more open to new friends,
you never know where they will pop into your life and bring JOY.