Monday, October 11, 2010

Strong Women - My Mom

This Strong Women series has caused me to think about my mom, Frances.
I never thought of her as a "strong woman".
When she was growing up, her family called her "the stupid one".
My aunt to this day calls her "poor Frances".
 I didn't think she was strong and I noticed other women that I thought were strong.
Now focusing on the "strong woman" I can see her strengths.
Some people would have said she was stubborn, but I know
that her strength to not be pushed around changed her life.
My father left her when I was two years old and my mom was pregnant with my sister.
As a child growing up without a father people felt sorry for us.
Now as an adult I realize how lucky we were that my mom was strong.
My father could not abuse her and push her around, he later married someone he could do that to.
So in her strength she raised two daughters alone.
Yes, we did occasionally need help from others, but she did it.
She accepted help graciously and returned the help with love and a loaf of nut bread.
It wasn't always easy, but I have learned she did her very best.
She taught us values and to believe in ourselves.

What virtue do you see in your mom that abides in strength?

Next week will be the last week for the strong woman series
and there will be a give away announced.


Coleen said...

my mom was a "married single woman"...huh???...what do I mean by that? well, she was an army wife and my father was gone alot...she had to raise us kids and handle all the things it takes to run a home ...she did not work outside the home.. her children were her life and she did the best she could...I miss her.

Heart Hugs,

Tracy said...

An especially beautiful post, Marilyn--thank you for sharing about your own Mom! My Mom is my greatest role model, always has been. She always set a good example of love, compassion, sharing, giving, encouragement, determination in the face of difficulty, honesty... I aspire to her goodness. :o) Happy Day ((HUGS))D

Adrienne said...

What a great tribute to your mom! My mom is a strong woman - she has had to 'grit her teeth' and hang in there through some pretty touch situations and poor health. We were told more than once through my lifetime that she wasn't going to live long and here she is today - nearly 88 years old. The virtue that brought her this far is 'stick-to-itivness'! She hung there and never quit. I am blessed to her!

Susan said...

I just wanted to say that your Mom is very pretty in that picture!!!


Bernideen said...

This was very touching. It is wonderful to hear you point out her characteristics. Back then a woman alone or divorced faced so much. My father got on his motorcycle and drove away to live with another woman leaving my mom with me and my brother. She was a waitress. No aid to dependent children back inthose days - no food stamps. Just get up and get to work. It think we learned alot in the hard places. In 2005 I paid9.95 on line to see that my Dad had died in 2000. I never knew.

Mark said...

Beautifully written about your mom. She sure sounds really strong to me.
I recognized my moms strength watching her over the years as she lost her husband, her 2 brothers and her sister, and than had a battle with lung cancer.Her strength during those times blew me away.

Ginger said...

What a lovely tribute to your Mother. She sounds like a delightful strong woman.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

What a sweet tribute to your mother. Yes, she was a strong woman to raise her children being single.

Pretty picture of her too!


Kate said...

Lovely post and tribute. During the toughest situations my mom would push her way through it. She worked and yet we always sat down to breakfast and lunch. We had clean clothes and a mom who loved us dearly.

Gillian said...

my mums strength is evident in how she deals with the world
she is kind
she is sweet
she is extremely creative
she has enthusiasm for things
she loves us more than anything
she is classy
she is funny
she is well read
she is accomodating
she is uber intelligent
and she is mine!


Laurie said...

What a beautiful tribute to your Mom Marilyn. Strong indeed!

Jeanne said...

Love this post so much
God bless your darling Mom and you.
Here is to all the strong women'
who conquer and who do not crumble
Love you

Angela McRae said...

OK, this is by far my FAVORITE strong woman yet, Marilyn! Your mother was obviously remarkable because she raised you, but knowing the challenges she faced makes me respect her even more! What courage that must have taken (and still does, for that matter, for women today). I *love* how you have honored your mother with this post!

La Tea Dah said...

Your mother sounds like she was an amazing woman. For the child, it sometimes take time to recognize a parent's strengths because their strengths are our norms.

My mother's strength came out as determination. It was exhibited uniquely when she valiantly found cancer. I think her strength even surprised her!


Jeanie said...

I'm going to try this again. This is one of the most beautiful tributes to a mother I can imagine. And yes, that is real strength and courage. And really, it was such a gift to you, to have a life where you could be raised without fear of harm. She sounds like a wonderful woman and your description is eloquent and heartfelt. Indeed, that's a real model.

My mom's strength was in her optimism and her ability to live wholly while dying. People loved to visit her because she didn't bring them down. Consequently, their visits brought her joy and diversion. I only hope I can one day move on so gracefully.

Mountain Thyme said...

My mother and grandmother were cut from the same cloth. They had to be very strong and resilient to cope with the circumstances of their lives. I have often wondered whether or not they were born that way or did they acquire their tenacity because of those circumstances? Maybe, a little of both!

Steph said...

I'm catching up, Marilyn. This is a wonderful tribute, and indeed it shows the complex relationships we all have with family...but that love overrides.