Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Dream

Not a pretty picture, but a very pretty fish.

I once had a dream.
A dream where I was so frustrated at life I wanted to escape.
Walking along the river's edge I saw the fish swimming by.
I wanted to swim with the fish for awhile and leave life's worries behind.
I dreamt I swam with the fish for a year.
When I returned I had to decide whether I would stay with the fish
permanently or return to my life.
Life has it's ups and its downs and sometimes
can be very scary, sad, and happy too.
What would your choice be?

In the dream I chose to stay with my life,
not always easy; but it is mine to live.
I dream dreams of a better world, but
take life each day as it comes.


Jeanie said...

You know, I look back and think I really don't know what I would want different. I'd like that my parents lived longer or in better health or knew my life now. But that's part of the cycle. And I've learned and grown from everything. Sometimes I'd like to escape -- but not forever. Just for a few. One day at a time. Good rules to live by.

Lovely photo.

Baracka said...

i think its a lovely picture... and i would choose to stay with my life... life follows you, everything in life is presented to you for you to choose, choose joy or misery but it's your choice. lifes has struggles but it is how you act during those struggles that will define how you experience life....
blessings... one love...

SE'LAH... said...

i can imagine swimming amongst the coral reefs for a year...escape in your imagination and then exhale.

sending you lots of positive vibes. one love.

Relyn said...

What a marvelous dream!

Rita said...

Your last paragraph is the best of all... you chose to stay with your life! There are things I would like to change about my life if I could live it over, but if I didn't know what I know now, I would probably live it the same. Hope life is good for you.

koralee said...

hummm you got me thinking today...I really can say I have never not thought to stay with life...never wanted to swim like a fish but maybe fly like a bird may interest me.

hugs my is good!

somepinkflowers said...

have this dream
only about flying


with the birds...


so i do escape on an airplane

from time to time
but then come happily home
to my family
to my garden
to my Tea Stash
to my computer
to my friends

like U.