Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bless the Wintertime

Knowing that I need to do something creative each week,
I decided to join a small group for the Dollhouse Project.
During the holidays I was fascinated by the little vintage houses
so often seen in Christmas decorations.
I wanted to create some houses.
I am hoping in this project to create a Home for each Season.
Each one will be different and hopefully portray the season.

Here I am celebrating Wintertime.
A season that is sometimes difficult for me.
So this little house is helping me notice the wintertime and bless it.

Inside is a winter photograph I took recently portraying Winter.
The quote on the outside is by William Shakespeare:

Bless the Wintertime
It's calm and
Starry nights 
Bright and Silent days.


Annie said...

Good morning Marilyn. What a sweet little house. Is this a kit or did you do all the detailed cutting yourself? It looks like it has a foam core base which is certainly perfect for snowy winter. I like the little puff of cotton representing smoke. All in all, so charming.

Angela McRae said...

Winter is definitely my least favorite season (I like the temp to always be 80 and above), so I like your project and its aim to help you bless the wintertime. And it's CUTE, too!

d smith kaich jones said...

this is a wonderful idea. i admit i would have a hard time with winter - although, come to think of it, i will have a january room . . .

uh oh! :)

and ps - there's a button now for the dollhouse project. i don't have code for it but you can grab it and just link back to graciel's original post if you want. this weekend i will start a list on my sidebar with the names of those participating. i promise - i think i will have caught my breath by then.

and double ps - love the smoke coming from your chimney!

:) Debi

Susan said...

Marilyn, this is absolutely lovely. A nice way to get through the winter.

Deanna said...

blessings to you this winter!

koralee said...

What a sweet church...I do love winter but now I am ready to move onto Spring!

You asked me about those paper cupcake cups the other day...well I bought the waxed ones...so my cupcakes were very easy to get out.

Hugs for a great evening. xoxo

Graciel said...

marilyn, how wonderful!!! what a joy to have you along for our 2011 play date.

i will add your name/link to my original post and pass on the dollhouse project image to you. just add it as a gadget on your blogger side bar and have it link to my post. debi will also be listing you on her side bar.

so glad this little idea spoke to you...your winter house is fabulous!

graciel :)

Jeanne said...

Love and hugs
I love all you share

Tracy said...

Creating house...little houses of dreams... a house for each season. I love this idea, Marilyn! And the sentiments of Shakespeare are so fitting for just now... I can't wait to see your next house of dreams. :o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

Dutchbaby said...

What a lovely, constructive way to deal with the winter blues. Way to embrace it! The smoke out of the chimney is great! I would be tempted to add a little glass glitter from Tinsel Trading Company (see today's post on Dutchbaby).

I look forward to seeing more of your dollhouses.

Relyn said...

Your little fire in the little chimney makes me a lot happy.