Monday, January 17, 2011

Spirit Whispers

Several years ago I took a 6 week class at the local hospital on Women's Spirituality.

This is what originally inspired me to write Spirit Whispers.
One of the first lessons was to keep a journal.
As you see I have more than one journal.
Each one is for a different purpose.

Journals can be for writing randomly, recording thoughts, struggling through a difficult time, or
just a record of events.  There is no right way to journal.  It is writing and maybe sketching from your heart.
Once you have entered something into your journal, read it and notice.
Going back and reading what you have written will open your eyes to things
  you may have not seen before or help you to take the next steps in your life.
Try to listen as though you were another person, perhaps a wise spiritual guide.
Then make note of this wise counselor's response.
Consider this as a map or tool for self-growth and spiritual progress.

A great way to get started is by making lists, such as:
1. List your dream room
2. List places you would like to visit
3. List things you are afraid of and avoid
4. List things you would like to have done before you die
5. List things you hate and things you love
6. List fantasies you have
7. List aspects of yourself you would like to work on
8. List books you would like to read or those you have enjoyed
9. Record your dreams
10. List significant memories

A Journal is a wonderful way of listening and making more clear the Spirit Whispers and Growing.


Steph said...

I have several journals, too. Currently, I have a "joy journey journal," a regular day-to-day journal, my planner (also kind of like a journal), and a creative ideas journal. ;-)

Annie said...

Good morning, Marilyn. I recognize one of those journals and I thank you again.

I love how you have your journals so thoroughly organized. I have journals all over the place and whichever one lands in my purse, that is the journal of the moment. Eventually it moves out and another finds its way in.

Thank God for blogging. If a person tried to reconstruct my life from my journals, it would drive them crazy. I currently working in a journal I started in 2002. It languished for 8 years and surfaced again just recently. See what I mean?

Jeanne said...

Beautiful indeed.
Love and hugs
Journaling is a great way to collect your thoughts and focus and rejuvinate.
I have done it for years.
Love you

Anonymous said...

I was feeling really scattered with having separate journals, so now it's just one. That's working better for me. It's funny how everyone has that particular system that works well for them. I'm also really noticing a journal revolution going on out there!

Kate said...

I have never kept a journal for any length of time. I think I am missing out on something!

La Tea Dah said...

Excellent ideas for keeping a journal. I enjoy going back and reading my journals and reviewing events in my life and how they turned out. I also really appreciate the journals my mother kept and when I read them I feel closer to her. Another way of effective journaling is online. Private (or public) blogs are a great way to journal.

Thank you for sharing!

Laurie said...

I so agree Marilyn, going back through some of mine, I'm surprised at the different phases of my life that I've gotten through with journaling.

beth said...

i started the year off so strong in my journal and now nothing.....i just can't keep up with it. i think it's because i haven't found the joy in it. at this point it's still a chore....something on my to-do list.....arrghhhh

Linda J. said...

I have tried journaling over the years and always get frustrated. I began a journal of lists recently and have found it to be an easier way for me to journal.

Angela McRae said...

Oh, I do love journals and journaling! I have an everyday journal, a prayer journal, my writing journals, a sewing journal, a scrapbooking journal, a "gifts I've made" journal, a tearoom journal, a garden journal ... I don't use them all every single day (well, the writing journals I do), but it helps me sort things out to have journals for all occasions!

Tracy said...

Such an inspiration post today, Marilyn! I like this kind of journaling and exploration. I keep several journals for different purposes too. I like these 10 questions, and I think I will use these in my morning pages next week. Thank you! I really enjoy your Spirit-filled Mondays here. :o) ((HUGS)