Friday, January 14, 2011

Tea Tips

Do you have any of these cute little tea balls and spoons?

Tea Tip #1:
When making loose leaf tea the tea needs room to expand
to allow the full flavor to shine.
Have you noticed when you use one of these balls or spoons
how the tea is compressed into it after steeping?
It doesn't have the room to expand.

There are better ways to make loose leaf tea.
1. You could put it into the teapot loose, then strain it when you have the flavor you want.
Friends that make it this way often love to make their tea in glass teapots because
they say they can see the tea leaves "dance".
2. Find basket accessories that fit into the teapot opening or into the cup.
3. There are also throw away paper tea filters.
4. Use your teaballs and spoons for Christmas tree decorations.
I have a friend that collects them just for this purpose.

Tea Tip #2:  Spent tea is very good also for your garden or houseplants.

Let's make the best tea today and let it shine in your cup! has tea accessories such as I have suggested above.