Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Personality of a Sheep

Did you know sheep have a personality?
I didn't.
I met this dirty, but sweet one just last week.
She was so curious to meet me.
She watched me cautiously at first and
then came over to check me out with a nibble on my bag.
I guess I passed the test and she was my friend.

Do you ever meet someone you are curious about?
Do you want to get closer, make that person your friend?
It's an interesting dance we dance, but so worth it.
What one thing would you tell me about yourself,
what little nibble of information would you give?

Picture taken in the barn of Solstice Farm B&B,
where my husband and I stayed last week near Pt. Townsend, Washington.


Caroline said...

Such a thought provoking post today! Very true this dance we do.

So, what nibble of information would I give you? Hmmmm... I feel like I give up all my Well, I suppose most people don't know that I hate sushi. Blech! How can someone eat raw fish??? OK, will you still be my friend???

Adrienne said...

Great post! Would love to 'meet' this sheep. A small-in-the-big-picture-of-things fact about me: I would love to have a big sailboard (and know how to sail!). I would go through the San Juan Islands on bright, sunny days, put my anchor down wherever my heart desires, fall asleep at night with the gentle rocking of the waves against my boat!

somepinkflowers said...


your banner
is so yummy!

i almost did not scroll


i know nothing of sheep
i am over here
dealing with raccoons
Boldly Walking Into My Garage!


the nerve!

{{ i think they are looking
for warm tea...
what should i do? }}

somepinkflowers said...

PS---i forgot
to say

~~i Love this photo~~

{{ you have such fun
traveling around
& shooting photos,
don't you, missy! }}

Christina said...

hmm... since i hugged on you so much, when i met you. the secret is out- i am a hugger ; )
love to you, my friend.

Jeanne said...

Bless EWE love you and loved your JOY card that arrived today.
Love and hugs and kisses

Anonymous said...

Or, as I like to say, "yarn on the hoof! Sweaters, in their natural habitat!"

I love sheepies.

Kate said...

I agree with Caroline...such a thought provoking post. Good to think about. Cute sheep!

Linens and Royals said...

Yes I did know sheep have a personality, I think all animals do. Unfortunately this does not stop me enjoying a roast lamb dinner.

Deanna said...

Like your post! The picture tells it all.
Sheep...gotta love 'em.

One tidbit about me?


God bless,

tea time and roses said...

Happy New Year dear Marilyn! What a lovely and dear post. The humility of sheep is often spoken of in Gods' Word.

A little to smile, oh and hug too.:o)



Mark said...

Love your writings, this one thought provoking as usual.
A tid bit....I worry too much. Yep, that's it.

La Tea Dah said...

Oh yes, sheep do have personality! We had Fluffy, a bottle-fed sheep, as a family member for about 10 years. She was the pet of our children. She loved to play bunting games with the boys. Each year she would have twins or triplets and they brought great joy to the family --- so cute! But Fluffy was very independent and stubborn! Getting her (via halter and leash) to the neighbors for sheering each spring was an exhausting experience! She was a smart thing and worked hard to outsmart us. We were sad when she grew old and died.

A tidbit about me? Hmmmm ---- sometimes I have fits of laughter when something strikes me just so. I cannot stop and the entire family then starts laughing because I am laughing so hard. It gets quite hilarious!

And you?

Relyn said...

I love this! But, you know, I'd swear that everything has a personality. Even inanimate objects. Maybe that's why I name everything.

Annie said...

What a sweet little sheep and so gentle as she approached her budding friendship with you. What bit of info would I give about myself - well, the assurance that I'm safe and can listen and keep secrets.

Mary said...

Sheep are so docile and of course such copycats when it coming to following! I used to have my favorites in a field near my childhood home and would watch them for hours.....especially in Spring when the adorable lambs arrived.......those were the days!

Fortunately I've no need to count them yet - sleep comes easily thank goodness!

That B&B sounded a fun place to stay Marilyn.

Jeanie said...

Well, first, great photo and story! And yes, the personality of animals comes out in one way or another -- but they do have one and it always shows!

Oh, dear -- what would I say about myself -- on nugget. I suppose it would depend in part on the person I was meeting. If I felt they may have issues about being open, I would share that I can keep their secrets or listen; if they appeared to be fun and creative, I'd try to share some of that, too. Guess it is so situation dependent for me!

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

I have felt that about sheep - it always seemed to me that they each have their own way about things. Love that this one was giving you the once over!

I often spy a person that I think would be so good to know - other mothers at my daughter's school, the librarian, the guy that makes my latte. But I don't know who to begin. When did it become so hard to make a new friend?