Monday, January 3, 2011

Spirit Whispers

Photo of the Notre Dame in Paris, France  - 2009 
Pictures for this series may come from different religions, but I am using them only as a symbol for spirit.

First I must say I am not a scholar.
I will be sharing things I have learned or thoughts from my heart.
This is not meant to be a religious series. 
After today I won't mention religions, other than maybe a quote that is relevant.
This is learning how to listen to that small voice inside of you.
What you choose to do with the whispers is your choice, but
first we must learn to listen and pay attention.

From my heart I am sharing here.
I am a Christian and a Quaker (Friends).
As a Quaker we are taught that God is within each of us.
With God within me, I must learn to listen.

In the past few years I have come to BELIEVE that the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim faith all worship the same God.  Each religion has different words for God, but the God each worships is the same.
We are each taught to Love The Neighbor, 
We are each a monotheistic church,
We all have a connection with Abraham.
We have common ground, though we worship differently and have differences in our beliefs.
Sunday Morning on CBS had a story a week ago that I found fascinating on this subject.;contentBody
I hope you will join me each Monday for Spirit Whispers
and together we can learn to listen no matter what religion you come from.
There will be times when I may just have a picture and one word or quote.
Other times there will be a thought I want to share or a specific
idea or book that might help us on our journey to hearing the whispers of our heart.
Come along with me each Monday for this new series.
As I post this today, I am sending each of you a prayer of great blessings for 2011.


Kate said...

Beautiful photograph. What a nice way to start each week...a great idea. I will look forward to Spirit Whispers!

Cathy said...

I'll look forward to every post, Marilyn. I agree with Kate. This is a lovely way to start each week.

Jeanne said...

I love you my darling one
Rabbit Rabbit are the first words I say on the first of every month for good luck for that month that is what it means to me which is love as well.
I love you

Jeanie said...

What a splendid idea for a series. And, you showed Notre Dame from my favorite vantage point -- not the imposing, perhaps more daunting front but the elegant and graceful rear with its arches and spire.

I suspect our views on faith dovetail rather nicely, from what you have described and I look forward to visiting often to find listen for the whispers within.

Steph said...

Thank you, Marilyn, for being a peacemaker! Blessed are they.

Caroline said...

I will look forward to Spirit Whispers! My Father is a Quaker...I find it to be a beautiful and quiet way to connect with God. Many blessings to you! xo

Tracy said...

Thank you for this wonderful new series, Marilyn! I look forward to Mondays here with you now. :o) ((HUGS))

Annie said...

Imagine my surprise at seeing Notre Dame here and then discover the beginning of a new Monday series. I will be here every Monday, Marilyn, and of course, many days in between as well.

Christina said...

stunning words! i look forward to it, my dear friend.