Friday, January 6, 2012


Recently I was sorting through my old artwork
and found this picture I did long, long ago.
It reminded me of "Charity" and giving throughout the year,
at the holidays, and at the close of the old year.
I feel blessed to live in a comfortable home with my family nearby.
Sometimes I forget to take notice of my blessings and to share.
So this picture was a good reminder to me to do what I can for others.
Yes, I do have something I will be doing soon and I hope this little
drawing is a reminder to you too.
We are often blessed and just need to notice what we notice.
It can be just a little thing.
As a young girl I remember my mom was on occasion given
a basket with fresh baked bread and jam or cookies from a friend.
What a special blessing it was to my mom, my sister, and I.
So for today and going forward I would encourage each of us to remember 
those little blessings and pass them on.