Thursday, January 26, 2012

What is in your Cup?

Do you drink more tea in the winter?
Do you drink a different tea in the winter than you do in the summer?
What tea is in your cup today?

Lately I have been thirsty for what I call "hefty" teas,
something black and strong.
I have been finding Pu-er with ginger to satisfy this hunger.

From James Norwood Pratt's book, New Tea Lover's Treasury comes this quote:

"In the old days, when Pu-Er tea was transported by horse caravans from the production areas to the the town of Pu-Er, the caravans had to travel through tropical rain forests.  The moisture in the air caused the tea leaves to ferment (turn moldy, perhaps?) and enriched its flavor.  As people liked the flavor of the naturally fermented tea, the tea producers began to introduce a fermenting process for Pu-Er.  Unlike green tea which is best when the leaves are fresh, the older the Pu-Er, the better its flavor."

Doesn't this quote create wonderful images of the tea traveling by caravans through the rain forest?

My first exploration into Pu-er took me to an 8 year old lovely cup of tea.
Now the exploration is on and I have tried several others,
but I am partial to this first one because is was delightfully smooth.


Anonymous said...

So interesting. I have never tried pu-er, though I have some. All year round I like a strong tea in the morning, then progressively weaker (withe less caffeine) as I move through the day.

Gigi Thibodeau said...

I drink tea year round, but yes, I think I drink it even more in the cold months. I have a hard time with caffeine, so I have to be careful to drink mostly decaf teas unless it's very early in the morning.

I've never tried Pu-er, but it sounds fascinating. Where do you recommend looking for it?

Rosemary said...

My cup features a Japanese green tea from my penpal... she didn't translate the package, so I'm not sure what type it is! It looks like a twig tea to made, made from the stems, stalks, and twigs of the plant. It is a very pleasant green tea, and I'm enjoying multiple steepings throughout the day. Alas, I haven't developed a taste for puerh on my tea journey.

Caroline said...

I just bought and new tea that I can't wait to try. It's called White cucumber lime by TAZO. Hope its as good as the box says it is! LOL

Tracy said...

"the older the Pu-Er, the better its flavor," that is quite true, isn't it? A bit like some wine, the older the better. It's hard to get Pu-Er here, so I've not had it in a while. I drink a lot, and I do tend to like a more robust tea, usually of the black variety during the winter months. But I do like to mix it up a bit. In summer I do favor "lighter" green teas more. And in summer I like to use the fruit teas as iced teas. This afternoon I'm having a little pot of tea from my precious tin of Royal Blend afternoon tea from London's Fortnum & Mason--it brings London memories with each sip. :o) I always enjoy your tea posts, Marilyn. Happy weekend ((HUGS))

Angela McRae said...

I drink lots more *hot* tea in the winter, though I'm gulping down iced tea all summer long! And yes, I've been into something a little "heavier," a rich Yunnan tea instead of one of my frou-frou blends. Instead of comfort food, maybe it's "comfort tea" we seek in the winter!

amherstrose said...

Sipping a Namring Second Flush Darjeeling today. I am slowly sampling the Pu-ers that I brought back from my trip to China. Walking on the Tea Horse Road made me think of the miles and miles that tea traveled to far away destinations. For me Pu-er is an aquired taste and I am still learning its nuances. Like many other tea lovers, my tea choice changes with the seasons. Yes, I like "hefty" teas in the winter too. I will have to try some ginger in my cup of Pe-er. Thanks for the suggestion, dear Marilyn!

Mary Jane

Jeanie said...

More tea in winter and hot, not iced! More fruity teas in summer. Interesting -- never thought about it!

Hazel at Chicken in a Cherry Sauce said...

I am constantly drinking tea in the winter and barely any tea in summer! Definitely a weather thing. Tea just warms you up and makes you feel cosy :)