Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Tea Kettle

Before Christmas I broke my tea kettle.
I didn't realize how much I depended on it.
I was going to just get the same, but glass is dangerous in my hands.
On investigation I found this digital tea kettle at
and I love it.  Thanks Jonathon for the recommendation.
What is nice about this tea kettle is that you can set the temperature
you want or you can just press start if you want hot, boiling water.
What is nice with tea kettles in general is that they turn off
when the water is gone and they heat up the water so much faster
than on the stove.
After all us tea drinkers need our water quickly in the morning
for our first cup of tea.
Off to make my morning tea.


Cathy at Wives with Knives said...

I just bought a counter top tea kettle too and I love it. I was forever forgetting my old one on top of my stove and the bottom finally burned out. You would think I would learn not to go check my email while I was waiting for the water to get hot. I love that it turns off on its own.

Angela McRae said...

Yes, after I kept reading about how I *must* get an electric tea kettle, I got one last year and can't imagine doing without it. I think I want my next one to be like yours, though, so I could prepare just the right temp of water for my teas!

Mary said...

Never used a stovetop kettle - guess growing up in England the electric kettle was always used because we were brewing cuppas constantly it seemed!

I use an Oster which I've had many years and it's been fine, but it doesn't have a temp. setting. I will keep this one in mind when it comes time to replace. Thanks for the heads up Marilyn.

Just made my 4'oclock cup - still on the Empress Grey, I really love it for later in the day. Even though it's bags I pop one in the little teapot, seems so much more elegant, ha! ha!

Happy tea drinking dear.
Mary X

Annie said...

What a great tea kettle, Marilyn. I think Don, tea man that he is, would love this.

Jeanie said...

I love my electric kettle more than anything else in my kitchen. It's the best!

Mark said...

Wow, state of the art, huh? I pictured you for a delicate breakable type pot. Enjoy

Tracy said...

Setting the temperature... I love that! What a great gadget. I don't think we have those here, but I will keep an eye our. We use a regular electric kettle and I try to stop it before it reaches full boiling sometimes for certain teas. Not always easy when one is multitasking in the kitchen! This morning I'm drinking a black tea with hint of chocolate...pure indulgence, but it is the weekend soon. ;o) Happy Days, Marilyn ((HUGS))

parTea lady said...

I have a couple of electric kettles(my Russell Hobbs has been the best one ever). I always take one when I travel - can't stand boiling water for tea in a pot.

Your new kettle is great and the next one I buy will have to have the temperature set feature.

Adrienne said...

I love my electric teakettle - I can take it wherever I go and it's ready first thing in the morning. Your new one looks wonderful!

Donna and Miss Spenser said...

Awesome kettle!! LOVE IT!