Monday, January 2, 2012

Lights of Winter

Happy New Year!

As we leave behind the glitter of the holiday season
and enter a time of darkness, I am reminded
of how important light is to us all.
Light brings me great JOY
and guides me through the dark nights.
So I am remembering to light candles
and stringing a few of the twinkling lights of the holidays
around my house.
What are you doing to light your way through the time of darkness?
What brings you JOY during this time?


Laurie said...

Happy New Year Marilyn! I'm spending as much time as I can enjoying the daylight, outside, opening the curtains first thing in the morning and letting the southern windows light the house, and waiting patiently for the longer and warmer days.

somepinkflowers said...

i love the way
~~the light~~
seeps in
like that,
don't you?

Pam Traskos said...

Hi Marilyn, I love the natural sunlight, lately haven't seen a lot of that! I love small lamps, have them scattered everywhere and they're always on. I'll be packing up Christmas this week, think I'll brighten things up with some new flowers and plants in brightly colored vases.
Hugs, Pam

Annie said...

In all seriousness, marilyn, I purchased a new nightlight for the hallway. It was actually a Christmas light but being an angel, it can be used year around. I've been saved from a few bumps and scrapes in the middle of the night this week.

Kate said...

Thinking about it I realized how much joy and pleasure I received just looking at yesterday's sunset. The light coming through the clouds...amazing.

Jeanne said...

Let love always light the way.
Love and hugs

Angela McRae said...

Hmmm ... I have been lighting more candles lately (surprised to learn recently how much my husband enjoys the fragrance), but I had neglected the fact it does indeed bring more light into my life as well!