Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My 2012 Vision Board

After my post yesterday I realized there might be some that don't know what a vision board it.
Here is my vision board for 2012.
It isn't that pretty, but what is on it means something to me for this year.
It gives a focus.  My word for the year is there too.
At the beginning of each year a group of women friends get together to make their vision boards.
It is a fun gathering filled with things to drink and munchies,
talk, laughter, and cutting things out of magazines.
At the end of the day we share our vision for the coming year.
We are encouraged to put a picture of ourselves on the board.
You see I am dancing in my pink tutu.
The map represents planned travel.
There is always tea.
I won't explain each thing because some are personal just for me,
but it should give you an idea what I have in my heart for 2012.