Friday, January 13, 2012

Gardener's Passion

Do you ever think about what you are passionate about?
My husband is a passionate gardener.
In the winter when there isn't much to do outside,
he does a little gardening inside.
For me that means, I get to enjoy living, growing things inside during the winter.
Paper whites is one of his favorites and I love them too.
They are so easy to grow inside and they bring so much JOY.
Then recently he brought some branches into the house from
a star magnolia.  Just putting the branches in a vase, they have
begun showing blooms.
Are you a winter gardener?
What do you like to have that shares it's beauty with you?
Have you been watching the ground outside to see if there are signs of life?

Happy Weekend, dear friends!
Go out and find new signs for the winter garden.