Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sit Awhile

Before Christmas I was out walking
and there before me were these chairs.
In my mind I pictured you there,
sitting with me, chatting.
Oh the words we could share.
I would bring the tea.
We would enjoy just sitting here
sometimes in silence, but most often
sharing our hearts.
Come and sit with me awhile.
Tell me what is on your heart today.
Do you hear the birds nearby?
Do you smell the damp grass?
Do you feel the softness as we walk along?
Come, sit awhile.


Laurie said...

How I wish I could Marilyn, It just looks so peaceful,one day maybe we could sit and have some tea!?

Angela McRae said...

Oh, those ARE perfect chairs for a tea visit! How wonderful that you noticed them!

Sara said...

Those chairs do call out for visitors, don't they. Yes, a walk and a bit of a chat, tea, and sharing of hearts would be so lovely. I'll bring the homemade shortbread to have with our tea, and a couple of cushions for the chairs.

Traveling Bells said...

And listen to the whisper of the many stories told there over the years...what fun!

Rosemary said...

How fun are these! You reminded me that we had one of these tree chairs in our backyard when we were growing up. I guess when one of the trees died my mother had it cut into a chair. It was always fun! Wonder if the new owners have left it there?

koralee said...

love this. xoxoxo Hugs

Annie said...

I so miss Oregon. Haven't been there now for over a year. I need to start planning a runaway so we can share these chairs together.

Jeanie said...

Wonderful chairs! Oh, I'd like to sit out there and have tea with you!

Mary said...

.....such special chairs, one each for us and some other sweet blogging friend of course!

I know the tea would be really wonderful served by you, and I'd bring along something delicious freshly baked from my kitchen to go with it!

Oh the places we go........if only our dear friends could always be with us along those quiet woodland paths.

Thanks for your recent lovely comments Marilyn - still have so many posts to go from the trips but I'll get there eventually.................with many an afternoon cuppa sipped around 4 PM along the way!

Love, Mary