Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Decorations that Delight my Heart

This year when I took down the Christmas decorations I decided
I needed to do some decorating to just delight my heart.
Taking a look at what I already had out some revisions to the theme were made.
My daughter knitted a string of 12 little mittens for me for Christmas.
They aren't just any little mittens, but ones made with wool
I spun many years ago and I love them.
The mittens have been hung over the mantel and little hearts tucked inside
to celebrate the coming month of February and Valentine's.
My snow girl received a heart.
A basket of little inspirational hearts came out.
Finally I left one of my faux trees standing and put hearts on it.
All this to say, seeing my heart decorations definitely makes my heart sing.
Let the winter darkness come, it won't get me down - NO IT WON'T.
We will stand firm, laugh and dance and celebrate even in the darkness!


Angela McRae said...

Your daughter knitted you *12* little mittens? Oh my! What a fabulous gift! Now, much as I love Valentine's Day/week, why haven't I thought to have a Valentine's tree? Hmm...

Oh, and ... you used to spin your own wool? Did we know that? You are quite a Renaissance woman, Marilyn, and I look forward to reading the memoir you will surely write one day!

Steph said...

I love this approach!

GardenofDaisies said...

These are such sweet valelntine decorations. I love the way you were able to transform what you already had.

I doesn't feel like winter here. We have bright blue skies and sunshine. Not a cloud in sight. No snow in the forecast. It's warm enough to go outside for walks. This feels like March or April, not January. I think it's confusing the flowers.

Joy said...

Those mittens are adorable and I'd certainly keep them out all winter! I tend to do snowmen in January, hearts in Feb., shamrocks in March, Easter whenever appropriate, etc. I love seasonal decorations and enjoyed seeing yours.

Mark said...

Mittens made with wool you spun? That is awesome, what a great gift.

Mary said...

Such a warming and pretty collage Marilyn. I love everything, but of course the mittens are my favorite - what a lovely gift to make use of your wool.

Now I'm thinking, where do I have hearts lurking in all this stuff I'm desperately in need of sorting through and getting rid of. I must do at least one little tablescape for Valentine's Day........so off to the attic again! Then I'll clean out the lower kitchen cabinets - not so much fun as decorating but has to be done today, and as rain is on the way I'm not leaving the house.

Love ya, Mary

Jeanie said...

We're on the same page this weekend. I've been taking down trees (I know, don't start) and decided to leave the Winter Wonderland tree up and another that is a white branch. But I'm moving over anything heart-related to it! Loved the idea about adding the heart to the angel. I think you are my creative guru of the week. At least the week!