Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Woman of Passion

This is not a passion flower, but the color is warm and feels passionate.
When I share this year about PASSION, the colors will be warm.

Recently when PASSION tapped me on the shoulder
there was an article in our local paper, The Oregonian.
They shared a story about Gertrude Rempter.
Now I didn't know Gertrude, who recently died at 99 years.
What struck me in reading about her life was her PASSION
for a career in physics and microscopy.
She worked until weeks before her death in a lab at
Portland State University.  "Her work on electron microscopes
aided the development of military night vision goggles and her advice
was coveted among industry professionals from Tektronix and other tech companies."
Her son stated, "She wasn't a (militant) feminist; she just quietly went ahead and
did what she knew she or any woman should be able to do."
She also raised five children, had horses and chickens on an eight-acre farm, baked pies,
and made jam.  What an amazing, passionate woman.

When I am 99 years, I would love to be remembered as a woman of PASSION,
who "did what she knew she or any woman should be able to do."

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Krys is also a woman of PASSION.