Saturday, April 28, 2012

Another Day from the Road

 We stopped today in Sheridan, WY
where Buffalo Bill once lived.
There were many beautiful statues throughout the downtown.
I particularly liked this because they were dancing!
I hope you are taking time to dance.
 We stopped in the small town of Dayton, WY.
This is the gateway to Yellowstone and the Tetons.
Oh how we wished they were open, but we were too early.
Breakfast in a small town cafe is always fun to see
the towns people. 
 I am going backward here, as early in the morning we
were still in Montana.  It seemed to take forever
to drive through that state.
I had heard about this sign on Sunday Morning recently,
so it was fun to see it on the road.  We saw three of them
A man is hoping to make signs all around the country
of each states Capital building with the Govenors name.
I just had to include this, as much of yesterday and today
our travels looked like this.  It was either snowing,
raining, or an occasional sighting of the sun.
Another day from the road and now in Rapid City, South Dakota.