Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Magical Garden

A fairy garden was planted last Fall in my yard.
It is a circle of daffodils and tulips surrounding a small plum tree.
I knew it was magical.
What's not to be magical when through the brown ground comes such beauty in the Spring.
What I didn't know is that a fairy would be dancing here.
As the flowers were shining in their gorgeous glory,
a fairy made her way to dance.
Come and dance with her.
It truly will bring a smile to your face and JOY in your heart.


Kate said...

I love fairy rings and this reminds me of one. Lovely!

Anonymous said...

you are so lucky to have caught even a hint of her on camera. unbelievable. what a springtime gift. :-)

Relyn said...

Of course you have fairies, plum trees, and magic. Of course you do. So you.

La Tea Dah said...

Beautiful and so cheerful! How sweet to plant them in a fairy ring.

I discovered that the Honeymooners Tulips are blooming now!

Angela McRae said...

Well my goodness ... I just got through editing a story about fairy houses (I''ll send you a copy when it gets back from the printer!), and this very weekend I bought a "tea house" for my own fairies. Fun!