Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tea Accoutrements?

As I sat sipping my morning pot of tea today I began wondering if other tea drinkers
pick a certain cup or teapot for the particular tea they are drinking.
I thought about sharing the wonderful Tiekuanyin from Muzha, Taiwan that I was drinking.
Then I looked at how I had chosen to serve it with an English teapot, a cozy
made by my daughter, and a glass handleless cup sitting on a metal leaf.
Had I chosen the right accoutrements to serve this special tea?
Tea enthusiast may say, NO! I should have used the appropriate gaiwan or gong-fu style
Asian small teapot and cups.
For me this works for my morning tea.
What is important is the enjoyment of a special tea no matter how it is served.
After all, isn't it fun to just shake up the traditions a bit?