Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Relyn at Come Sit by My Fire is sharing Passion this month and since it is my word for the year I will try to
share a few of my thoughts on Passion throughout the month.

Awhile back the Parade Magazine in the Sunday newspaper had an article on "Track Your Passion".
It always fascinates me that when I am paying attention to a specific word it pops up in the most
unexpected places.  Here it was right in my Sunday newspaper.
They said that identifying your passion is a methodical process.
What do you think?  I am not sure.
Their list included:
1.  Notice if you are on a cold, or joyless, trail.  They suggest checking your memory to find what has given you joy in the past.
2. Recall a hot track.  Are there times that you forgot time was passing because you were loving what you were doing?
3. Spot the patterns.  Are there patterns in what you love and are drawn to?
4. Warm up your life.  Examine your schedule.  Are there some things that don't bring joy,
can one of these be eliminated and choose to add something that brings you JOY?
Would doing this allow you to feel more passionate about life?
Track these things for awhile and evaluate.
It's the small things that can end up setting you in a direction that would add more Passion.

This is primarily what the articles said.
So I have been looking and found I love and am passionate about being outdoors.
Walking at the sea shore and watching a beautiful sunset bring great passion into my heart.
It totally delights me.
It makes me smile.
And I can feel the PASSION.
Just off the top of your head, what one thing pops into your head when you think on these things?


Annie said...

Windy days. I feel completely alive when I'm feeling the wind.

Simone said...

I'm here from Relyn's blog. Since moving to Oregon, I have found my passion is beauty for the outdoors...rain included.

Angela McRae said...


Kate said...

I have a tendency to over-think things..I am still pondering the questions!

Jeanie said...

To me, passion is joy, focus, that Zen-like quality that comes when you are doing some thing you love or that so fascinates you, you can't stop. I love passion! I must check Relyn's posts!

Kamana said...

being outdoors, whether in the mountains or on the beach ... with my love, and being happy.

S. Etole said...

Being outdoors does it every time! And your photo is striking.

Storybook Woods said...

Writting, it is bubbling out of me. I cannnot stop it. I think when we have a passion it does bubble out of us. Sadly stress and kill that passion but I find it always comes back. Thank goodness. Clarice

Relyn said...

What an interesting idea; to choose to pay attention to preferences and discover your passion. I love it. Sometimes I am so full of passion that I exhaust myself and my family. ;^)

I am so glad you are joining me.