Thursday, April 12, 2012

Traveling Teapot

Let me introduce you to a special teapot.
Really it looks like any other ordinary teapot.
The color of this teapot is plum.
It holds 6 cups of tea.
It pours rather nicely.
So you say, what makes this teapot special?

This is the Traveling Teapot.
It is just beginning it's journey.
It is an adventure of those on a yahoo/facebook group
called Afternoon Tea Across America.
Well the group actually includes those in other parts of the world now.
The journey has begun with the one that organized this adventure
and I am the first recipient.
What stories this teapot will tell as each month it will
travel to someone else throughout the US, Canada,
and even to France.
If you would like to follow the teapots adventures
you can read about it here


Laurie said...

What an awesome idea Marilyn, I checked out the blog and this looks like it's going to be so interesting to follow its adventures. Waiting to see your addition!!

Anonymous said...

teapot on adventures!

Steph said...

Tell us about that cake! Wow!

Marilyn said...

The cake is a Victoria Sponge Cake with strawberry jam and marscapone/whipped cream filling. Powder sugar lightly sprinkled on top.

koralee said...

What a great much fun.
Enjoy your this little pot and then send it on it's way. xoxo Your little cake looks amazing....thats me always looking at the food. xoxox

Tracy said...

LOVE the deep plum color of that teapot... and the rich-yum of that cake! ;o) What a fun idea--traveling teapot... Must go see more about this. Thanks for sharing the fun, Marilyn. Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

relevanttealeaf said...

Beautiful teapot, beautiful cake [delicious too, I'm sure!], and beautiful memories with your aunt!

somepinkflowers said...

{{ waaaay cool!

to the link }}

Angela McRae said...

I participated in a "traveling teapot" adventure a few years ago and enjoyed it -- but I never heard how/where it ended up!