Thursday, April 26, 2012

Traveling Teapot goes Traveling

Sunday morning the sun was just beautiful here in Portland.
For the first time this year I ventured out to the yard for my morning tea.
The Traveling Teapot had this last venture in Portland before being loaded
in my car today.  It is traveling with me on a Friends and Family Road Trip.
My husband and I will be traveling this year in the USA.
We decided it was time to see a bit of our own country.
For the next three weeks we will be on the road
and our son will be feeding Joey and keeping the home alive with the sound of music.

My blog post may be more sporadic, but maybe not. I am not sure.
I haven't traveled with the computer before and posted from the
road; but hope to share along the way the adventures of the
Traveling Teapot, my husband, and myself on the road.
Love reading your comments, but the may be slow at adding.

Take care and will see you down the road.