Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tisane or Tea?

Not long ago my husband realized he could no longer drink caffeine.
He was not happy with this discovery.
He loves his tea each morning and afternoon; so the exploration into the world of tisane's has begun.
Tisane is the actual word for herbal beverages.
They really are not tea, as tea is from the camellia sinensis plant.
This beautiful pot of tisane was just fresh mint leaves steeped for awhile and quite a nice one.
In the summer I like to steep fresh lemon verbena for a cool refreshing tisane.
My husband has begun exploring and trying different tulsi's or holy basil
and quite enjoying them.

Have you explored the world of tisane's?
What have you found that you love?


La Tea Dah said...

It will be an interesting journey. Herbal teas formed the basis of my tea journey. I have so many favorites --- licorice, holy basil, spearmint, camomile, and more. There are some "not so tasty" and some that are "perfect"! I hope your husband finds some that he absolutely loves. To success!

Jeanie said...

There is a STASH tea Raspberry Tisane that my friend turned me on to and it is the best! It's also hard to find (She ordered a case!)

Caroline said...

Oh gosh...I am such a lover of caffeine! I would not know where to begin. But this drink looks amazing!

Rosemary said...

A new journey! Hibiscus blossoms will produce a strong and tart herb tea. A friend of mine dries assorted herbs all summer long, tosses them into a gallon jar, mixes them a bit, and then takes out the amount she wants to brew each day - every time she makes it, it has a different taste because of the mixed blend. Rooibos is also another possibility, readily available, and flavored.

Relyn said...

Caffine has recently begun to keep me up at night. BUMMER!

Laurie said...

I have never heard of Tisane's, but now my curiosity is peaked! I'll need to try this.

Dutchbaby said...

I have not tried it, but am intrigued by the prospect. I'd love to try the holy basil!

Tracy said...

I've always loved the word tisane... it has such a languid, lingering beauty for such a short word, doesn't it? Your husband's foray into tisanes is exciting! I love tea, and would miss it. But I tend not to take anything with caffeine after 4-5pm, so tisanes are very much present here. Mint is a favorite, as is chamomile, raspberry leaf and lemon verbena. I must try the holy basil! Where did you get your beautiful glass infusing pot? Happy Easter Weekend to you & yours, Marilyn ((HUGS))

Angela McRae said...

Oh, the Citrus Lavender Sage from Teavana is to die for! I hope he will find some good substitutes that make him happy.

Anonymous said...

I've recently fallen in love with the Lexiloo Lemon Dew tisane from They have some pretty great stuff up there!