Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Surrounded by brokenness, the flower shines in it's beauty.
A found object of broken, rusty iron added to this pumpkin and flower shines in it's beauty.

In all our brokenness, let our lights shine.
We are Beautiful.
We are Love.
No one can take that from us.
We will stand tall.
We will be heard.

"Come out of the masses,
Stand alone like a Lion
and live your Life
according to your own Light."

We are Strong Women!
We are Invincible! 
We are that Lioness with our head's held high.



Rosemary said...

Such words and pictures of hope and beauty. Thank you!

Lorrie said...

Beautiful words for today.

Jeanie said...

I, too, am heartbroken. There are many things I disagreed with but the ones that were the deal breakers for me were the human issues. Immigration. LGBT rights. Being kind and decent. Not paying people who work for you? Bullying? No. Neither candidate was without flaws but oh, how I wanted Hillary to win. I'm still grieving and probably will be. And then, I must move forward in kindness, compassion, light -- and hope that much of it was a big act. I don't think so. But I can hope.

We mend china but there are cracks. We mend bones but they are never quite right. Can we mend our hearts?