Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Russian Tea

Delighted to share this wonderful tea time.
The Heathman Hotel started serving The Russian Tea the day after Thanksgiving.
What a delight to be served by the head chef, Vitaly Paley, just yesterday.
It was the beginning of the holiday season
and a joyful time of sharing tea with my "live-in gardener".
The tea station was nearby and they were serving Smith's Teamaker teas.
In my cup was Georgian Caravan with elderflower jam.
In my "live-in gardeners" cup was Meadow, a blend of
chamomile, hyssop, rooibos, rose petals, and linden flowers.

There were samovar's for heating and serving hot water
and samovar's for decoration.  All just beautiful.
The food was uniquely Russian and several recipes
came from Vitaly Paley's grandmother.
There was Khachapouri (georgian cheese bread with local honey,
Buterbrodi (open faced rye bread with toppings of sausage,
another with smoked salmon, and delicious cheese spread)
Walnut-stuffed eggplant rolls was delicious,
along with traditional blini and mushroom piroshki.

The sweets were Kulaga belorusskaya (fruit gelee), Zapekanka (cheesecake with
apricots and caramel glaze), Tort po kievski (hazelnut meringue with coffee buttercream,
chocolate ganache), Bird's milk cake (shortbread cookie, marshmallow, chocolate glaze),
and Steopka (grandmother's sour cream and walnut cake).
There were too many desserts to eat, a take home box accompanied us home
for a later in the evening treat.  They were so rich I couldn't even eat
all of them in the evening.  Breakfast with my tea was a delicious remembrance.

The Russian Tea was a special way of kicking off the holiday season.
Let the celebrating begin!

Do you have any special tea time's planned for celebrating Christmas?


Lady Linda said...

It all looks so pretty. I read about it and one of my friend's attended. She didn't care for the food, so it is nice to read your post. She has a Russian background, so I thought she would love it. I wanted to go, but with my new diet, it's a bit much for me right now. Thanks for sharing.

Rosemary said...

What an interesting international tea experience! Love all the samovars - as decor, and for their practical use.

Jeanie said...

That's so festive! And all the sandwiches look delicious. And beautiful decorations, too.

No tea plans but two Southern Exposure dinner/projects. One is tonight and the next in another week. Sorely in need of the beauty and joy that fills me up whenever I go there!

Lorrie said...

What a wonderful tea - such unique foods offered. Yes, it's a lovely time of the year for such celebrations.

Mary said...

That looked amazing - and dear J looked totally amazed faced with so much to eat!!!!
Glad you had such a fun time.