Monday, November 28, 2016

Notes from the Garden - Silver Maple

 The silver maple provides home for bees, squirrels, birds,
and an occasional raccoon.
 When it rains a root holds water for the birds.
 It shelters us.
And delights us with it's presence.
Young boys dream of climbing this magnificent tree.
It has been hugged and sketched.
Admired by all those that visit the garden.
It's twiggy branches greet us shining above our home
when we return from our travels.
It's character delights our heart.

The arborist says the tree only has about 10 more years left,
after all it is 165 years old.
Sometimes I find my "live-in gardener" praying it will live
and flourish under his care.

We treasure this tree in our garden
and if a tree is loved, this one tree has that love.


Jeanie said...

Oh Marilyn, what a fabulous tree! 165 years? Wow. Well, I hope is estimate on the life expectancy is off -- by a lot! And I know you'll do your best to keep it thriving.

Joy said...

What a gorgeous tree! I hope it keeps on shading your garden for many years, regardless of its "life expectancy".

Laura M said...

What an utterly magical tree!

Linda P said...

No wonder your tree is loved by you, your husband and all the creatures that benefit from it growing in your garden. May it continue to give you pleasure for many more years.