Wednesday, November 2, 2016



Today I saw a butterfly--
And with what sweet unreason
Seemed such loveliness a-wing
This frosty season.

There were no honey goblets
To which it might have come;
Not even one blue aster cup,
Not one chrysanthemum.

I saw a butterfly today--
How wan its flight, how slow!--
A last white butterfly, or else
A first soft flake of snow.

~Kitchen Sonnets by Ethel Romig Fuller

No butterflies in the garden,
but the birds are loving the seeds from what is left in the garden.
They are preparing for winter and that "first soft flake of snow".


Summer said...

Cute ♥

Jeanie said...

What a lovely poem discovery. Here's to the butterfly you didn't see -- it's out there somewhere!

Angela McRae said...

Perfect photo for this poem!