Monday, November 14, 2016

Notes from the Garden - Chrysanthemums

I have a weakness for buying those huge pots of chrysanthemums at the market in the fall.
After they have been enjoyed for awhile, they get stuck somewhere in the garden.
The ones in our window box have gone wild and cascade down the wall so beautifully.
How I love them.  

Looking online, I was curious about their meaning.  Here is what I found:
  • Lasting friendship and non-romantic affection
  • Support from your family and loved ones
  • Cheerfulness and good spirits, including cheering up a sad person
  • Rest and recovery after a long trial or challenge
  • Enduring life and rebirth, especially the birth of a child
  • Loyalty and devotion, both romantic and platonic
There are now more chrysanthemums growing in my garden.
Even if you don't buy them, stop a moment at your market and enjoy.


Rosemary said...

Chrysanthemums certainly carry a powerful message!

Jeanie said...

Wow -- I had no idea that these were some of the meanings of chrysanthemums (another favorite of mine). I will have to remember this as I'm considering flowers for an occasion.

I love the color of the mauvy-lavender-pink. I bought one like that this year -- not sure if it's a hardy one or the other kind. It was very slow to bud and I thought it was a dud but now it's looking great after most of the others have faded!

Mary said...

They are so pretty Marilyn and this year I didn't buy any so am missing them in my garden.

Also, my window box is down - bracket fell out of the wall and haven't had time to fix/replace. I don't know, this house has become such a lot of work this year - next year hopefully we'll be home more and can get things in order.

Hugs - Mary

Summer said...

Just beautiful ♥