Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Dear Sea

 Dear Sea,
You know I have always loved you.
Sometimes in Sunshine and at other times in Rain.
You are so beautiful to me.
 So it was that this past weekend I once again ventured to your shores.
 But you know my other love is tea.
So you see tea was also part of my weekend just there at the edge of your sandy beach.
I shared it with friends.
They said they loved having tea with me.
If you look really close on the right you will see I brought some of your beautiful
seashells to adorn our tea table.
How I love the experience of sharing tea with friends.
We tasted 4 delightful teas:  Aged Baozhong, Alishan Black, Puerh, and
for fun a flavored (what I call a dessert tea) tea called Marco Polo.
 Then there was one more walk by your beautiful shore.
The sand was so squishy from the water you shared.
 Even the birds enjoy visiting here.
They left a little gift of a feather just for you.
One walk with my umbrella in hand and another where it was dry.
Oh how you delight my soul.
Thank you, dear Sea, for the solitude and delight you fill me up
until our next adventure together.


Steph said...

I'm sure those with you loved sampling the teas and being in the beauty of the coast!

Summer said...

Gorgeous photos and beautifully written♥

Jeanie said...

I need to see this on this day. I, too, love the sea and these photos, this "event" of tea with friends is so perfect. Thanks, Marilyn!

Lorrie said...

Oh, that sea, all windswept and moody. Beautiful photos, Marilyn. And tea besides! Truly lovely.