Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Dear Panda, My Love

 Dear Panda, My love,

Recently I was timidly greeted by one of your ancestors.
He was peeking at me behind a glittery picture at the antique mall.
He captured my heart, just as you had so many years ago.
He caused me to remember you, a love of my childhood.
Do you remember?
You were tattered and torn, filthy in fact.
One day as my mother was running the wringer washer
I decided you needed a bath.
You weren't very happy about it
and you became rather soggy.
Then my mom ran you through the wringer.
Oh poor, panda, oh so flat.
You just didn't recover and my mom tossed you in the trash.
I will never forget you, my dear panda, and the tears I shed for you.
How I missed you so.
Then this one tentatively peeked at me and sent me love
and I remembered you.

Did I buy him, you ask?
No, I left him for another child to love.
I did place him just so, for I wanted someone to discover him
and rescue this bear with a big heart.

You will always remain in my heart, dear Panda.

Love, Mar Mar

Did you have a special love when you were a young child?


Jeanie said...

I did. My little Steiff bear and another. I still have them. Loved them to pieces then and now. I think Steiff is a bit torn, the other missing an eye. That was before they stitched them on! So dear to me. What a sweet memory.

Happy Thanksgiving, Marilyn!

Snap said...

I did. It was a little brown bear with a music box inside. He lulled me to sleep on more evenings than I can remember. His ears and one of his legs were coming off ... had been mended many times. Then, one day, he wasn't there anymore. A little stuffed brown dog took his place ... not the same I remember crying and looking for the little bear. I must have cried myself out eventually! The last time I was in Albuquerque, I went to an antique mall and there was a bigger brown bear with a music box in his belly, but "smooshy" in all the correct places! I bought him and he makes me smile. I give him a hug and listen to music whenever I need a hug. This 60+ lady isn't ashamed to say I'm very glad I found a little brown bear once again to share his life with me. Thanks for this wonderful, sweet, post.....

Adrienne said...

I feel so bad about your dear, little Panda. I watched many things go through the wringer and get flattened beyond recognition! I did have a special love - more than one. My parents bought me a handmade rag doll. I named her Susie. She went everywhere with me, slept with me and was often blamed for things unexplained that happened around my home. Then, not long afterwards my aunt bought me another rag doll - a boy who 'married' Susie. He was a Navy man dressed in uniform and quite dapper. I named him Mike. They lived happily after and still reside somewhere in the recesses of my home.

Mary said...

I had Chimpy, a little stuffed monkey! I threw him out of my grandma's window once but he landed safely on the balcony of the downstairs neighbor's flat. Another time he fell in the fireplace and was singed! Poor Chimpy - I can't recall what other dastardly things I may have done to him or where he ended up, but I remember I really loved him!

What a sweet panda bear.
Happy Thanksgiving dear Marilyn.

Lorrie said...

What a sweet post. I had a special Teddy, and I don't really know what happened to him.
Happy Thanksgiving, Marilyn. My daughter and granddaughter and her MIL and I are going for tea on Saturday to the White Heather - the last time I was there was with you and your husband.