Monday, November 7, 2016

Notes from the Garden - Anemone's

So true!
The Japanese Anemone's have been in our garden for 15 years.
They have leafed, but not much in the way of blooms.
This year we added mushroom compost to the garden.
Wow!  They definitely flourished and are still blooming today.

A few were picked for this bouquet,
but I found they do much better and are happier just staying in the garden.
Interestingly (to me) is that as the sun went down the petals folded in.
I was waiting for sunset to take more photos of the bouquet and
didn't realize the change until I looked at the pictures on my computer.
It was like animation of the flower.

So this is one flower that will definitely be getting mushroom compost again.
I am loving them in the garden.


Rosemary said...

They are such a sweet flower! They look like a flower the fairies would enjoy frolicking about!

Jeanie said...

Some flowers are more or less meant not to be picked -- they fail so fast. These are just GLORIOUS!

Summer said...

So pretty ♥

Steph said...

They look so sweet in that arrangement!