Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tea in the Wild

For those that know me well,
you know I love to have tea outdoors.
So with the recent travels I picked out a small
teapot, cup, and thermos to travel along.
On our adventure to Bryce National Park I decided it was time for tea.
As you see there was one curious little chipmunk.
I think he would have loved some tea or a nibble for sure,
but the signs said not to feed the wild life.
So we said hello and then he was on his way
for he was a very curious little chipmunk indeed.

I thought the color of the teapot fit beautifully into it's surroundings.
The next day was tea time at the Grand Canyon.
This time I took along some nibbles too.

What a perfect way to celebrate the day in the wild.
It is quite simple really.
Just a thermos of hot water, which I got from the hotel.
Then some tea, a little teapot, a couple cups,
and a cloth napkin as the table cloth.
It all fit quite comfortably in my backpack
and away I went into the wilds of National Parks.
A delight in every way.
Though there are many more pictures,
it is time to move on.
I mean, how many rocks can we look at.
I loved it all.

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Jeanie said...

I adore the photo of the teapot with the rocks in the background! Marilyn, this post is just SO YOU!

a rich tapestry said...

I like the thought of you having a drink of tea and an energy snack during your walks. Lovely photos in a particularly spectacular location. The little teapot is perfect for the occasion.

Louca por porcelana said...

Beautiful landscape!

Bernideen said...

That teapot is definitely a perfect match! Glad you shared the journey. These are places I have never been too!

Jean | DelightfulRepast.com said...

Marilyn, I love all your photos of your trip. It's been too long since we explored those places. Your teapot was the perfect choice for that part of the country! I, too, travel with my tea, including a small electric kettle.

Tracy said...

Oh, this is sweet! And I adore how your little tea pot "matches" the views. ;) I like how you take tea like this on your travels--VERY inspiring! This is you in a tea cup! ((HUGS))

Red Rose Alley said...

This is a cool tea pot. My daughter visited the Grand Canyon, and she said it was GRAND, indeed. These are lovely pictures.