Friday, June 9, 2017

Valley of Fire State Park

 Backing up now to the first day of the southwest adventure.
Two friends had recommended a stop of the Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada.  We were happy we stopped and it was the perfect first stop
to the southwest adventure.  It was about a 2 hour drive north of Las Vegas.
 I was totally taken by the big skies of the southwest.
Oh those puffy little clouds and the blue of the sky enchanted me.

 Beehive rock formation.

 Colorado Plateau
We really hadn't given the thought of the Colorado Plateau much thought
in the past.  But the history is intriguing and worth learning more.

 Amazing sights all along the road.
Many times we just had to pull of to the side of the road
and admire with a snap of the camera.
D says they are the biggest rocks in the whole wide world.
He figured it out even though he hasn't been there yet.
This is the message from D to you.

Happy weekend, dear friends!
Look for new adventures.


Mary said...

Nature is full of amazing landscapes - and here in the west of the US I truly believe we have some of the best places to view the beauty of rocks. What stories they could tell us - what history they hold.
Mary x

Jeanie said...

Fabulous photos here, Marilyn. What amazing skies -- both blue and gray. I remember my first (well, my only) visit to Valley of Fire and I was blown away by the colors and rock formations. You captured it beautifully.

Tracy said...

The red rocks and blue sky... what wonders!! Big rocks, big sky... God must have been extra happy when He was creating the South West! :) That bee-hive shaped rock is fantastic. The name of this place gives me tingles...Valley of Fire..WOW! ((HUGS))