Thursday, June 1, 2017

Flowers along the Way

With each stop, I searched for flowers.
Leaving behind Spring in the Northwest,
I had flowers on the mind.
I searched for flowers all along the way.
Scroll and Enjoy flowers of the Southwest.





So very different than what I have in my garden,
but beautiful in their own way!!

On my travels I picked up several books of Indian quotes
and poems; so hope you enjoy some that I will include
as I post of the southwest adventure.

The Four Navajo Principal Elements
The Sun that brings warmth
The Earth that gives nourishment
The Wind that brings the rain clouds
The Rain that gives life-giving moisture

From Listening with your Heart by Wayne Peate, M.D.

 All of these add to the beauty
surrounding us in flowers.


Tracy said...

There are sooo many MORE flowers than I imagine in these landscapes! It's not just rock... What wonders! Simply stunning to see, and learn about...thanks, Marilyn! :))) ((HUGS))

Jeanie said...

I would never have expected these to survive in the hot southwest sun. It's truly lovely territory -- but then, youknow how to find loveliness wherever you go.

a rich tapestry said...

Such a variety of flowers you recorded with your camera! I particularly like the photos of those with the amazing landscape as a backdrop.

Adrienne said...

You and I think alike about flowers when we travel, dear friend. I loved the flowers of the southwest! I always wanted to see the desert in bloom and I that wish was granted when we traveled into Southern Arizona - the Saguaros were blooming and so many other things coloring the desert. Thank you for sharing the flowers from the southwest - it's a happy reminder of our recent travels.