Wednesday, June 7, 2017

What Can I Say!

What can I say!
Out of the ordinary for visiting Las Vegas.
The Neon Museum
Our tour was 8:30PM, so we could enjoy the lights.

Aladdin's lamp, but it looks like a teapot to me.

How fun to walk down memory lane with
Sinatra, Sammy, and Dean.
After visiting here and hearing the stories,
I had a renewed feeling of just noticing the signs
and life around me in Las Vegas.
What a difference the years have made.
Can you see the signs now?


Adrienne said...

What a fun tour! We'll have to add this one to our list of things to do when we get to Las Vegas. There's something special about the old signs and I would love to hear the stories, too. Thanks for sharing these treasures with us.

Jeanie said...

We've never done this but it looks like a boatload of fun. And what better place for neon than Vegas?!

Angela McRae said...

How fun! Years ago I wrote a newspaper feature on a local man who was a neon artist, and that's the first time I became aware that there really is an "art" to neon signage!

Mary said...

"Wedding Information" sounds interesting!

Neon is amazing - and I love the pix you captured here Marilyn.