Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A Room of Their Own

 "Virginia Woolf had said writers needed a room of their own, and maybe artists needed them too.  Maybe everyone needs a room of one's own where there are no expectations, and no compromises, and you can be the person you know yourself to be."  
~from Light of Paris, by Eleanor Brown

When this quote passed my eyes and heart I thought of
the gardenhouse sitting in a corner of our backyard.
This gardenhouse has become that room of our own.
It is used by our son to sit and write.
It is used by myself to take pictures
or to sit over tea with friends.
It is used by the "live-in gardener" husband
to putter, dream, write, and grow bonsai (or may
I say rescued little trees he finds along the way).

It is indeed our room of our own,
but we have to each reserve our own private time there.
It is like a cocoon of peacefulness.

Do you have a room of your own? 


Cheryl said...

I dream of having a garden house. This is so beautiful!

Adrienne said...

I have loved your garden house from the moment I first saw it! It's the perfect room of your own. I think my vintage trailer is a room of my own (although it's much too hot to sit and think or dream or write or nap right now). I love what you've done with your garden house and the way each of you finds a place to be yourself and create.

Lorrie said...

Your garden house is so charming. I have a sewing studio that's my own, but I don't spend as much time there as I'd like.

Jeanie said...

I love your garden house. It's so pretty, such a wonderful space. I have a room of my own. A whole house of my own. But I think I'd rather have your garden house!

Red Rose Alley said...

What a delightful garden house. Yes, I do believe we need a room of our own. I bet your husband loves to spend time here. I've always wanted a craft room.....maybe someday. : )


Mary said...

Oh Marilyn, how beautiful it looks now you've done the restoration - and Jim must be thrilled to have such a bright and light space for his garden projects.
Your teatimes here, your place for relaxing and creating etc. must just be a thrill.
Lovely, lovely - Mary

Tracy said...

Gardenhouse... I like your term there--it's prettier than greenhouse. And such a sweet place you have to dream and grow things! I like how your family, each of you, has found a room of one's own in it. I dream of a gardenhouse. We don't really have space for one, though, sadly... unless we get rid of some trees. :( I very much believe in the need of a room of one's own. Even a corner of a room for one's own. I'm blessed to have a little room upstairs that I use for sewing and crafts, but it's also space for writing, dreaming and a lot else! :) ((HUGS))