Monday, July 8, 2024

The Orth House, Jacksonville, Oregon

Sometimes I find places to stay when taking short trips on Expedia. The Orth House was found in just that way. It said it was a historic house in downtown Jacksonville, Oregon. Now Jacksonville is a historic small town with vineyards growing all around it. Note: Jeanie, you would love it there. The Orth House had a tasting room on the main entry floor. They were mostly opened in the afternoons and early evenings. On Saturday evenings they have live music in the patio along with wine tasting. I thought it was a bed and breakfast, but it was more like an Air B&B with only two rooms upstairs that they rent out. Interestingly, we were the only ones staying there all three nights. It was a little bit spooky staying in this big old house all by ourselves. But then we could pretend for awhile that this big old historic house was ours for awhile.

The garden was quite lovely to walk through.

The front porch was perfection for an early morning tea sipping.

The hall upstairs had a beautiful tapestry.

And our room was quite nice, though we were surprised to have a bathtub right in the bedroom. Our old bodies had a hard time climbing in and out of the tub, but it was still fun.

I bet winter time would be quite cozy with a little fire in the stove.

The best part was walking. It was in the middle of town, just one block to a nice coffee shop, one block to great shops and restaurants, two blocks to the restaurant our daughter set up for our anniversary dinner, and four blocks to a concert venue.

We did do a little research and found out Mr. Orth had been the local butcher and then became a civic leader in the years when Jacksonville was being formed and wagon trains were coming west. It almost felt like we were infringing on his private home.

So once we settled in, we were off to a special dinner.

The lemon tart ended the evening on a high note.

 Now I didn't write about Kindness and Joy today, but really Mr. Orth was kind to let us stay in his home without disturbing us. Our daughter was kind in giving us a lovely dinner out.
Hope the beginning of your week is starting off spectacularly.
It is very hot here this week and praying it cools down a bit by the weekend.
Sending love,


Jeanie said...

You're right -- that would definitely be my cuppa tea -- or glass o' wine! What a beautiful spot, Marilyn. I love your room and the grounds look lovely. And that lemon tart looks to die for. What a wonderful gift!

Sandi Magle said...

Oh, my how fun....what a gorgeous property. I love the perennial gardens, that is what I'm trying to do here. Great mini-vacay!