Monday, November 22, 2010

Country Roads

Do you ever drive down a country road and
see a little farm stand sitting there?
I have often passed this farm stand, but had not stopped before.
A perfect autumn afternoon activity is
a drive in the country and a little farm stand.

This stand sat in front of a hazelnut farm.
What beauties they had inside.
Do you know hazelnuts? or maybe you call them filberts?

In France I was served a gorgeous salad with hazelnuts.
A friend sitting nearby wondered if they were garbanzos,
but she wasn't sure as they tasted different.
She grew up in another part of the US and had not seen them before.

After stopping there this past week, I am in love with this little stand.
Buying direct from the farm is such a treat.
Do you have any farm stands nearby?
What do they sell?
I do believe it is important to support our local farmers where ever you live.

Oh yes, I promised a book today.
The winner is Jeanne of Jeanne's Bliss Blog
The book will be sent this week.  Enjoy!


GardenOfDaisies said...

100 % agree with supporting your local farmers!! I love little produce stands like that.

parTea lady said...

That is a very nice farm stand - they are not usually so well constructed. It makes a pretty picture.

I would love to buy fresh hazelnuts -they are delicious and one of my favorites - and happily they taste nothing like garbanzos. :-)

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

yum! Hazelnuts and wow, to just find a lovely little stand full of treats - Bliss!

I have s recipe for hazelnut torte that I have not made in years! Now I am inspired!

Denise in London said...

Cute! It could be a little tea house, as well!

beth said...

what i will miss most this winter....our little farmers markets that are on every corner and parking lot all summer long....

Steph said...

I love these, too. I typically pass them when I'm on a long bike ride. I need to pack my bike bags so I can bring stuff home!

Laurie said...

I too love stopping at the roadside stands Marilyn, all ours are closed for the season now, I'll miss them.

Jeanne said...

Thank you so very much my lovely friend. YOu are a true delight to my heart in every way.
God bless you real good at Christmas and always
Love Jeanne

Mary said...

One of my favorite nuts, probably due to the fact there were trees all around me in the country lanes where I grew up and we could pick them for free! Love them toasted or roasted and added to salads or sprinkled on baked goods.

What a sweet farmstand Marilyn, could almost be a playhouse or potting shed. Most of our roadside stands, are closed now the pumpkins are gone, however we have a huge State Farmers' Market which has many offerings even through the Winter.

Looks chilly your way and we're still close to 70! Happy Thanksgiving dear - have a fun day.

Relyn Lawson said...

Yes, we love filberts. And, oh the image of this stand is so evocative and happy.

Jeanie said...

I love farm stands, and the cuter the better. This definitely falls in the cuter category.

Here we don't have nuts growing anywhere. Hazelnuts. Yum. Your memory of France -- don't you love how food takes you places? Yes, buying direct is the best. Can't always do it, but when I can...