Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Tea Pet
This is not the year of the Ox, but it is a friends tea pet.
You are asking, I just know you are.
What is a tea pet?
Well it is a tea mascot sometimes found on tea trays.
Tea pets, Zi Sha, are mascots.
The owner often will pour tea over them as they are serving
and after awhile the pet acquires the scent of the tea.
The tea pet can represent good luck or according to the particular figure
it can represent a plethora of meanings for the owner.
My tea pet is a turtle.
Why you ask?
Really I don't know, I was just drawn to the little guy when
I saw him sitting on the counter of Lin Ceramics in Taiwan.


Balisha said...

I've never heard of this custom. I am learning so much about tea and it's traditions from your blog. Thanks,

Rosemary said...

Tea pets are new to me... where have i been?

Steve said...

I recognize the first picture.
My favorite tea shop!!

Jeanie said...

You learn something new every day and I just did! I think I have a Lion tea pet -- probably not a real tea pet, but real to me!

parTea lady said...

Tea pets are new to me too. I like the turtle you chose and that lovely teapot.

GardenOfDaisies said...

I have never heard of tea pets, but I love the idea! And anything that smells like tea is good to me! :-)

Laurie said...

Where do you find a tea pet, Marilyn. I have never heard of them and would love to find some. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!

relevanttealeaf said...

Fun post, Marilyn! I had never heard of tea pets until our 10th ATAA anniversary gathering at Amherst Rose tearoom. Ingrid brought one.